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Automatically hide the AdView when there's no ad to show

Automatically hide the AdView when there's no ad to show. For example if there's no internet connection or whatever the reasons may be. I tried to do this myself, but the ads simply don't load when I hide it, be it via setting the height of the AdView to 0dip or via setVisibility(View.GONE). It doesn't do anything if I do that before knowing whether it got an Ad to show or not and doing it after that doesn't make a lot of sense as until then I'd have some ugly empty space in the app layout. I really like the idea of TapForTap, but the lack of this features and especially the fact that I cannot create it myself because of said reason is quite frustrating. I hope you'll soon have the time to include this feature into the SDK or at least give me a hint about how I could possibly do this myself.

Thanks in advance,
Lajos Ambrus
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