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Riddim Ribbon Tracks, a Peek Inside.

Hey Guys, I have noticed a lot of complaints about Riddim Ribbon, about how there are very few tracks, well, I am surprised they even got this many out for the release!

Take a look at what goes into 1 theme/track (since each track has it's own theme):

Bring in the Audio!
So, to make a song, you need audio, Boom Boom Pow consists of 5 different tracks. All in *.ogg format.

Below is what the layout looks like:

1) Main Mix - The default song

2) Remix Right - The remix you will get when you take the right path.

3) Remix Left - The remix you will get when you take the right path.

4) Effects - For those special yellow trails that lead to the warp tunnel, this adds that cool technologic sound and effects

5) Skeleton - The backbone of the track, for when you are screwing up, this is a constant beat, allowing the game to remove the main audio and make it sound like crap :P

Coding the Song

To start, a song needs some code so it will actually do stuff. Each song has 3 difficulty levels, each with it's own unique code.

Here is the Easy difficulty for Boom Boom Pow:

1688 lines of code!

The code defines everything, tap positions, ribbon path, gates, checkpoints, all of the nodes, pathway, EVERYTHING.

Dont cry, did you know that the Hard version has 3050 lines of code?!

So, 3 difficulties, that totals to: 7128 lines of coding for 1 song. But we are not done! There is the visualizer coding, it is not much, but it is very important, the visualizer is what times those neat-o background effects through the songs. That makes 135 more lines...

So we have 7263 lines for 1 song. All written by hand, no fancy programs or anything.

Designing the Theme

Now, this is also a lengthy process, there are 30 png files required for the Boom Boom Pow theme, most of these include 2 - 10 other images used in the game.

Here are the main images:

Oh, dont forget that there are 520 lines of code for this theme... just sayin'

The End

So there you go. It's a crap load of work compared to a Tap Track + Theme, which can be done within a week. These graphics likely take about 2 - 3 weeks to make, and dont even get me started on the rest of the code/audio!

Compare it to TTR songs, 1 theme is about 300 lines of code, the track is a lot, but it can be generated by using many audio editors and converters. So yeah.

Thanks for reading guys :) Now maybe you will think twice about how hard Tapulous has worked on this!

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