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disqus and multiple urls for the same page

I recently noticed that Disqus uses the page url as a unique identifier for which comments to put on a certain page. That means, if you have multiple urls all pointing to the same page, you can get different comment threads for the same page, depending on how you access it.

(On my blog, some pages even have 4 urls: they have an alias because they've been imported from Posterous, and I've linked my own domain to the blog so I can reach it from that domain, and from the domain.)

Fortunately, Disqus has a solution for this: see

But I can't figure out a way to set the disqus_identifier. I tried to add the following snippets to my include.html, but neither of them worked.

Attempt one:

<script type="text/javascript">
var disqus_identifier = '<div data-lift="menu.title">title</div>';

Attempt two (inspired by the 'title' snippet as explained on the howto site):

<div data-lift="script">
var disqus_identifier = '<div data-lift="menu.title">title</div>';

(The second one even gave me an error message: "Trying to execute snippet script but could not find the method on the snippet instance object")

Is there a way I can set a disqus_identifier that is unique for a post, but independent of its url(s)?
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