Display player first/last names in match lists differently

Idea from Njal:

I still think your choices to omit players first name in the "matches" list is wrong. If I don't remember the opponents, it's impossible to tell whether it's Arild or Atle Wiig-Fisketjøn played the match. I'd prefer that the matches screen use the system font (and the selected size) and display as much as possible of the players full name. It's better to cut off the last part of the last name than to omit the first name, as many tennis parents have more than one kid playing tennis and many parents choose names starting with the same letter. If you had used the font size I have selected (used by messages and emails) you could easily have listed more than 10-15 matches

Arild Wiig-Fisketjøn – Daniel Baxter 6-2 6-1
Atle Wiig-Fisketjøn – Hans Hvide 6-0 6-2

and so on.
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