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Graphics in stats

Hey there, I should have sent you an email as well, but then I found this forum. :)
So far your app is the most detailed that I have ever seen. In fact, it may even be TOO detailed, as (expecially with smartphones) it is quite difficult to keep track of "a forehand volley at the net" without being quite fast and used to the app. :)

However, one BIG drawback to this app is that it totally lacks graphics. I know that it is not as important as keeping tracks of everything, because you can always build graphics yourself on excel, but you now have implemented virtually all or almost of the cases that may happen on a tennis court; what still remains are really details, you might push visualization a little higher in your backlog priorities, if I may suggest. :)

After all, a nice display would help in spreading your app to the public much more than the option to add a warning to a player, for example.
To give you an idea I am attaching an image of what I mean. This other app had WAY less options than yours, yet it presents the stats it keeps track of much more nicely.

I have read in some of your answers to reviews that graphics is planned, so my question is: how far are we from such a feature?
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