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New scoring rule type: Total number of points

The request came from the user Todd U.:

> Would it be possible to have a scoring format based on total number of point? We play practice matches with 32 total points (i.e. final score 20-12, 18-14, etc) being played and I would love to be able to track it. They change servers every 4 points. Is that possible? Thanks in advance for your help.

1) Are there any predefined numbers of points you play? Or should we better let the user enter himself?
> 32 total points per match. If we have an option to enter it himself, then I could have more flexibility.

2) Are there any variations on servers change? Maybe every 2/3/4 points?
> The servers change every 4 points

3) The server who begins: how many serves does he have, the same amount as normal (4)?
> serve who begins serves 4 points before changing to the opponent for his 4 serves.

4) Are there any deuce rules (e.g. it stands 16:16), what do we do then?
> If the match ends tied at 16-16 all, we have those players play a regular tiebreaker to 7 points, win by 2. We do not always require it because we have round robins and players accumulate points, but if we needed to break the tie (as we would in the knockout rounds) it would be a nice option.
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