Redefine the meaning of the Net Point / Approach option

On behalf of our beta-tester Heiko:

"There are some fundamental differences in definition between what we officially score at the W&S Open (and US Open uses the same stats provider) and this app. Maybe the goals are different (TV stats vs player development). However, I'd like to share these here.

1. Net point / Net approach
A player is either at net or not. There is no such thing as "approach" (approach is a shot type and not court position). A player is considered to be "at net" if the next shot he/she attempts to do it clearly intended to be done at the net. So, the following must be considered a "net points won or lost":
a: Serve and Volley Return (Error or Winner): The server is at net. The app does not allow "Net" to be chosen for the return. If the return is an error the server wins a net point. If the return is a winner, the server looses a net point.
b: Approach Winner or Error: If a player has a winner while doing an approach, this is a net point won. If a player has an error while doing an approach, this is a net point lost.

Therefore: Approach should be moved from its current location (Baseline, Approach, Net) to where Ground, Volley, Lob, Smash is located. Also, passing shot should be moved to here as well.

2. Restricted options when selecting Return:
- A returner may attempt a "chip and charge". That is a clear attempt to finish the next ball at net. This would mean that the player shot an approach and was at net. This option is not available.
- As mentioned above, a player playing serve and volley is at net. That means a returner is shooting a passing shot. Neither option is available during return.

Hope these suggestions are helpful and help align the way TV reports statistics and the app."
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  • 1. Well, this is heavy news for me :)
    If it is true, then we have to reconsider where the "approach" option
    belongs to.
    In the previous version we've had only "net/baseline" positions, and
    quite a lot of users asked to introduce the explicit in-between
    "approach" option.
    Since I am not a true tennis professional, I can hardly judge here.
    Needs some extra elaboration, I suggest.

    2. I see, but this again depends on how we define "approach".

    Another point: the primary aim is not to align with the way TV does it
    (although it's a huge knowledge how do they do it and thank you again
    for sharing it!). We try to elaborate the most reasonable system.
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