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I’m confused

The app renders the serving order to incorrect

Sometimes, the app renders the serving order to incorrect. For instance, Maidu and Illimar Sööt were playing and the score was 4 / 1 for Maidu's lead. Illimar served for the previous game, so the next server should've been Maidu. The app showed it correctly. So Maidu started the sixth game of the particular set and served a let. I clicked "Let" and described it on the next screen. After "Continue", the app suddenly shows that Illimar is about to serve although it should've been the new first serve by Maidu. Maidu served that serve and Illimar returned to out. I registered it as an unforced error for Illimar. After that, the app scored 15 points for Illimar. Illimar won the next point. As I was confused by the score, I undid the last point. Then, suddenly, the app showed the correct player to serve. So I had to go to the score log to figure out who was supposed to serve the particular game.

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