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I’m frustrated

The racist right wing "box"?

I'm from Sweden, so I hope you're indulgent towards my bad English :-) Here in Scandinavia, we're trying to start a similar nullification/secessionist organization (very much inspired by the Swedish libertarian author Vilhelm Moberg and Wilhelm Röpke and their ideas about decentralisation and subsidiarity).
In my region Scania (southern Sweden) right on the border to Denmark, which is geographically and urbanly consolidated with the Danish capital Copenhagen, there is a debate about secession because of the border-obstacles enforced by the Swedish government dead ahead against the EU rules, about free movement for people, goods, services and money across the borders.
However, the debate never seems to get any step further, since the media and university elite always categorically places such ideas in a right-wing xenophobic "box".
IMHO this is absurd, since we've had a Swedish veritable Iron Courtain for 300 years here in Greater Copenhagen, which has been more solid than Stalins, and hence we should know the value of open borders. But anyway, we're always placed in the same "box" as the influential right wing popular party Dansk Folkeparti who dreams back to the time before 1658 when Scania was a part of Denmark. Uncanningaly alike the debate in America?
That's why I've followed the discussions about the Southern Poverty Law Center, Think Progress, the John Birch Society on Tenther Radio etc with big interest. In my view: if the social systems are an impediment to free movement, it's the first mentioned which are the problem, not the latter. Isn't pluralism ( a guidelining principle in a democracy; a defining quality?
Since we're in the starting hole, it would be interesting to hear, how you deal with the "right wing box"?
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