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Trying to fight the NDAA in Michigan but being ignored

I submitted the Liberty Preservation Act model to my state senator in Michigan. I wanted to join the states that were resisting the unconstitutional provisions in the NDAA. Since we do not currently have a state representative, my only option was to submit it to our state senator. I never got a reply. I did however post my letter to him in a public forum (link upon request) on his own page but have still not received a reply. Looking here on the maps of states that have joined the effort, MI is not listed yet. I got a few suggestions from Madison Ruppert but could use more help. Any suggestions?
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  • Adam, thanks for touching base with us!

    We strongly recommend that you follow up with phone call(s) and try to work with other people in your area to do the same. Multiple voices could help.

    Try rep Paul Opsommer - even though he's not in your district too?

    And - reach out to your town or city council - and your county commission, depending on your local structure - to provide our model legislation for local governments. Let us know how it goes!
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