I’m undecided

Help with picking a City to live in.

Not sure where to land. We need to move somewhere within three hours of Laredo. My husband works in Laredo. San Antonio or Corpus Christi? Two teens with two and three years left of HS??? I Don't know a thing about Texas?
The ocean is nice. City has more opportunity. Are there good schools in Laredo? Safe housing?
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  • Dear Ms. Millard,

    First of all, Welcome to Texas!

    There is much diversity in the state and the area you are considering, it is hard for someone to make that choice for you.

    I did a search for you regarding the ratings of the school districts. The result of my search can be found here:


    The search function on the Texas.Gov website is a very powerful tool when trying to find information for all things in Texas Government. You may try using that search function for your other requirements.

    Thank you,

    James M.
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