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I’m sad

My subscription

We have not received delivery of our subscription for the last three days. Our address
is 44 Calle Mi Gusto, Santa Fe 87505, the name is Thomas Dillenberg and the phone
is 505-8202552. I have been a subscriber for over twenty years. My email is : Thanks for your help. Cordially, Tom Dillenberg
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this problem
  • I have
    "paid" my subscription twice. The first time I got a repeat notice of
    payment due, and I assumed I had done something wrong. The second time
    I made sure I saw "confirmation" - but now our subscription has been
    cancelled due to nonpayment and I really do not understand how it can
    be that I go through your web site and nothing happens.
    I am going to check with my bank to see if these payments have been
    made. Is it possible they are being applied incorrectly? The account
    is under Brian Martinson.
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