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I’m frustrated


i want to remove buzzgrowl for chrome plug in - it is annoying
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  • Hi Janette,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    To uninstall, from your Chrome browser, select WINDOW. Then select EXTENSIONS. You will see all your browser extensions and you can choose to disable or uninstall any of them.

    Did you know that you can SWITCH OFF BuzzGrowl so that you see it only when you want to? For example, BuzzGrowl shows you coupons so if you're on a shopping site, you can just turn it on to see if there are any coupons for that site. To switch it off, just click the orange buzzgrowl logo on the top right. Clicking on it again, will switch it on.

    Janette, thanks for trying BuzzGrowl. Let us know how we can make this better for you.
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