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Photo of b r
LinkM Flash command problem
When I run linkm-tool -a9 --flash 3  -m9 my BlinkM flashes 10,000 times, however the usage of this command states it is possible to set t...
  • b r, 6 months ago

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Photo of Ian Matthews
Tiny App for Outlook Calendar
Do you have a Tiny App that ties into the Outlook Calendar?  I purchased about a dozen Blink1's as Free/Busy lights for cubical bound off...
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Photo of Shoe
Proxy Configuration
I would like to use blink1control with my blink(1) on my corporate notebook but I cannot use IFTT nor url type tools because it does not ...
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Photo of JSJ
Can't stop the "infinite loop" setting
Here's the behavior I need: (1) IFTTT event 1 triggers; LED begins blinking red. (2) IFTTT event 2 triggers; LED also begins blinking blu...
  • JS, 2 years ago

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