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I’m frustrated

Dejumble desktop does not show tasks in Inbox/All group

I am an active Dejumble 2 for iPhone user and until recently I didn't pay much attention to the Dejumble desktop behavior. However, recently I have spotted an annoying bug in Dejumble desktop (non-AppStore version) v.2.0.2.
I have quite a large task collection, uploaded to a Dejumble account. When I start freshly installed Dejumble desktop and set up account to synchronize with, it successfully synchronizes and forks fine. However, on the second launch Dejumble fails to display tasks under Inbox/All category and loads CPU by 30-35%. If I remove Dejumble preferences, it again synchronizes - shows all tasks fine - malfunctions after relaunch.
This is qute annoying behavior and I hope it to be fixed soon.
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