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Surveys that we could type out full answers

I'd love to be able to type out an answer for some questions instead of only giving a yes, maybe, no type of answer just by clicking on the option.

I think some companies may want the option to see the full opinion their consumers might have, so maybe you can offer this option to the companies and reward us users better for the surveys in which we would type out responses.

I know it may be tough because it would need further monitoring for users to actually type out full responses to be rewarded, but I feel as if I have a lot more I could say which may help companies understand. If this was implimented, maybe rewarding money for this type of survey could be delayed and the money be placed in a pending state for reviewing purposes?

I am not saying get rid of the 0.05 quick surveys, but maybe add additional, longer surveys. You never know, maybe the companies who are paying for our opinion would love to know a little more.
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