How do I change the time or date of my event?

How do I change the time or date of my event?
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  • **You may only change event details before any tickets are purchased to your event.**

    Log into your account and select "My Upcoming Events". Select the name of the event you would like to edit and click on "Edit Date" underneath the date and time currently listed for your event

    Make changes and click "Save Changes". You will see “Your changes have been saved successfully” if the process has been carried out correctly.

    But how do I change the date for my event if I have already sold tickets?

    You will need to stop sales, hide the event and create a new event with the correct date and time.

    Choose the event you would like to stop sales on and select "Stop sales" and "Hide event" under the date and time listed for the event.

    Then, select "Create a new event" and proceed to create the updated event

    Please note that you will now receive 2 separate payments for your event. One for all tickets purchased before the creation of the new event and one for after.
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