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SMS and MMS Delays - A constant issue?

I am having lots of issues with SMS messages I send or received not being delivered to the destination or being received hours late. This is an ongoing issue with T-Mobile and now that I have the G1 I can confirm that this issue has occured on 3 different phones for me. This also occurs with MMS messages. I've noticed that it's a lot worse for messages being sent to another carrier, a short code, or email address. Typically I don't notice the problem when sending to other T-Mobile customers. Over the last year or two I've contacted T-Mobile about this and I've been given the run-around. I've also seen that if you do a Google search for "t-mobile sms delay" there are MANY people that are having the same issue.
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  • I’m frustrated
    we're having the same problem. Different handsets but can't send messages between family members or friends. They can take several days to arrive (or simply fail to deliver). If I text from an AT&T phone... instant delivery.
    MMS messages seem to work okay most of the time.
    We noticed the problems started for us (on a family plan) when we went from charge/message to a flat rate for texting...
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