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Why won't the Facebook plug-in work?

Having issues with the Tokbox Facebook Video Chat Plug-in?

Since we’ve recently had some intermittent issues with our Facebook Video Chat Plugin – possibly due to a UI change by Facebook – I did want to highlight that you can still make a video call or video chat with your Facebook friends using Tokbox. Even if you aren’t using Mozilla Firefox, or if you’re currently having problems with the chat plug-in, you can still invite friends to a video chat using Tokbox without using the plugin (these directions means you can use Internet Explorer or Safari as well).

Here’s how:

1. Go to “Create a video chat” on the left sidebar (logged in at
2. Go to “Invite Friends”.
3. A screen with various options will open up.
4. Choose the Facebook option.
5. Click on “Share Link” to post the call url to your profile or to send the call url to a specific friend. Your Facebook friends would simply need to click on the link to join the call (your friends don’t need to have a Tokbox account).

Note: You can also simply grab the url if you want to send it to someone via Facebook chat as an additional option. The party (parties) would simply need to click on the link to join your video chat.
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