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Direct Message Notifications

"how do I do that?

Steffan Antonas / SteffanAntonas

follow me at
reply on the web at
send me a direct message from your phone or IM: D STEFFANANTONAS your message here.
turn off these email notifications at:"

1. I think this message would be better formatted like this:

"Direct from :

how do I do that?

reply to this email to send a direct message to
turn off these email notifications at:"

-- You must *already be following a user for them to send you a direct message
-- The medium should be consistent, I don't think it is necessary to *remind users that they can send DMs through the web interface or their cell phones. If I get it on my cell first, I'll respond that way, and so on. The message doesn't let you know that you can reply to send a DM back. This works for followers that are protected and public.
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