I’m being clear as mud.

Add Conversation (Add Quote)

I'd like to see a new kind of entry added. Currently you have Add photo, Journal Entry, Add video, etc. I'd love to see Add Quote and/or Add Conversation. Many times when I'm wanting to add something, I'd just like to be able to enter a short, cute conversation or a quote from my child and have it show up as that.\

So basically, it would be like this. I'd click Add Quote (maybe even from an icon in the Journal entry), and quote marks would show up. I'd enter the quote:

"Are elephants scared of Mickey Mouse?"

Then in the journal, it shows up as a specially-formatted quote entry.

Likewise, I'd like to see Add Conversation (maybe from an icon in the Journal Entry). I click Add Conversation and the lines would be different colors or something, easily identifying that two different people are talking:

E: Daddy, why are light bulbs on the ceiling?
D: Because that's where the fixtures are.
E: Oh. I thought it was because they lit up the room best from there.

For a picture example of what I mean, check out a page like one on Tumblr: http://whitespacetheme.tumblr.com/ You can see how entering quotes or conversation are displayed differently from regular journal entries.
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