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I’m hesitant

Google Video Support PLEASE--for Privacy Reasons!

Why not add Google Video to the list of video services you support? Here is why I REALLY want Google video over YouTube or Vimeo:

1. Google Video works like YouTube and Vimeo, but you can ALSO select to NOT have your video indexed for searching. This makes it the only service that offers a strong form of privacy protection that would work with TotSpot.

2. Google Video offers a clean interface with NO ads at the end of the video for other people's videos (unlike YouTube). Google Video doesn't place links on the video that shoot you away from TotSpot (unlike Vimeo). My older family members wouldn't know what to do if they clicked on the video and ended up at Vimeo.

3. Google Video provides a mass uploader--so if you have many of your kids' videos on your PC, you can upload them all at once instead of one at a time. New users could really benefit from this.

For all these reasons, PLEASE offer Google Video as an upload option. For the privacy reason alone, I won't be using video on TotSpot until a video solution like Google Video is offered with a non-indexing search. I imagine a lot of parents feel that way.