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How about an Art Board or Talent Show?

Children who are the target market of TotSpot are typically drawing, writing and showing off their unique talents--like singing--a lot. What would you think of adding an art board to each child's page where we can scan and upload pictures our children have drawn or colored, reprint stories they have written, or share videos/photos of them showing off their talent? It would be like their very own talent show on their TotSpot page.
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    This is such a cool idea! My 15 month son has drawn two things I'd love to show off and having a talent tab that you can scan, reprint and upload videos to would be so great!

    I'd also like it if it showed (for school-age kids) if they could put the grade it received over it or a gold star, like at the school.

    And under, allow the people who visit the page to rate it! Just like when the kids go show off their talents for feedback.
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