Assign only one tracker to any text ad, delete only filtered out clicks.

As I'm currently having one whole campaign awaiting editorial review for more than 5 days on MSN Adcenter because I stupidly decided to remove the cloaking from all text ads in that campaign at the same time, I thought about this:

Each text ad should be assigned only one tracker, which would be accessible and editable from the text ads setup screen. This would allow to make changes to the click cost, cloaking etc, without touching anything on the ad network or resubmitting ads for approval. It would also keep the .tracker sql table nice and decent.

Another improvement could be made by deleting only the filtered out clicks in the clicks db, instead of all clicks. That way we could drastically shrink the db's size and at the same time keep all important data. Or maybe it should be possible to delete only clicks that are in a given date range, i.e. older than six months.

What do you guys think about this?
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