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Don’t think I installed the .php file correct?

Hi I just installed prosper 202 on a subdomain LP for the first time. My hosting is hostgator and they said they support PHP and all the minimum requirements for prosper 202. I am pretty much a novice at anything web design or tech code, so with that please bear with me if I ask a total newbie question.

So I placed the java script right above the and that seemed to work ok I can see my clicks to my LP and stuff, but I uploaded my .php file to my webpage and when I click on my link to my CPA offer nothing is cloaked? I still see in my browser a long affiliate url instead of

I will explain exactly what I did to try and upload this php. I copied the code from tracking 202 site on the “get simple LP code” section, pasted it in notepad++ and saved it as "redirect" and saved the file as a php. I then uploaded that redirect.php file to the same place that my index.html file is in and all my other prosper202 files.

Did I miss something or do something wrong?

I have not yet moved on to the get links or get post back pixel sections yet. Do I need to do this in order for this to work properly?

Please get back thanks
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