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I’m frustrated

Prosper202 Not Working In Bing Adcenter

Hey Gang,

I'm having issues using the advanced landing page setup with adcenter. I go through the traditional process of adding a landing page, adding my offers, inserting the code on the bottom of my page and then getting the tracking url like the one shown below:

I then add the keyword variable {keyword} to the end of my destination URL while creating the ad so it looks like the link below:{keyword}

but no information is being passed through when people are actually clicking on my ad. I know that clicks are happening obviously because of ad spend and because I have been getting conversions but in my spy panel, it not only isn't giving me the keyword information, it's not even showing that any clicks occurred.

I know that in theory, the link itself works because when I take the link that Prosper gives me and add a random keyword to the end and load the page, I do see that information.

I spent an hour yesterday on the phone with adcenter support and couldn't get anything.

I hope that's as clear as possible... anyone else having the same issue? Been able to make it work?!

Let me know!



I've had numerous clicks, and
6 people have
this problem