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I’m frustrated

Why won't Trafficvance conversions track through Aweber??

I think I'll feel pretty dumb once this problem has been answered but I'm looking for help tracking Aweber opt in conversions from Trafficvance. I've set up a pop up configured for trafficvance and driving PPV traffic to it. The pop up has an Aweber single opt in form integrated which leads to a thank you page with instructions to download a free PDF.

I can't figure out how to track what trafficvance keywords are converting to opt in's. It looks like the {Keyword} isn't being passed through Aweber but I'm at a loss at what to do. Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thanks in advance! David
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  • I'm just getting started with this and my first question was a double landing page tracking... as in... rather than clicking to the offer from the landing page, how would you track through the 'submit' of a squeeze page to the thank you page where I guess instead of a .pdf I could have the report be in html with the tracking of those affiliate links enabled.

    The question is... what to do for this! You are not alone. Have seen the same question multiple times. This would also apple to people using a sandwich page with Facebook (very common) - needing a short warm up and a click through to the 2nd landing page before people are more apt to act on offers.
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