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Your own product with Tracking202 and MediaTraffic (PPV campaign tracking)

I'm running a PPV campaign to drive traffic from MediaTraffic, it goes into a rotator URL which rotates 3 landing pages. Once a visitor sees the landing page they are taken to a salespage... then they pay with PayDotCom... what do I need to do to set up Tracking202 in order to ensure everything gets tracked from the beginning to the end of the funnel?
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  • I haven't done this yet but I believe you will need to setup each of the landing pages in Prosper202 step #4, repeat step #4 for each LP. Then use step #6, I assume you have only one affiliate offer on the page so use the 'Simple Landing Page' option, repeat step #6 for each LP. Be sure you make copies of ALL the scripts P202 provides each time you click 'Generate Code'. This code is a 'set' and goes to gather. You can't but inbound scripts from one 'Generate Code' button click with outbound script from a different click of the 'Generate Code' button.

    When you click the 'Generate Code' button, step #6, P202 you supply you with Javascript code which you add to your landing page, just above the tag.

    The above tracks inbound links to the page so that the CPV cost will show for each visit.

    Step #6 will also provide you with both PHP and Javascript to track your outbound clicks. use either the PHP script OR the Javascript but not both on the same page.

    For example if your server supports PHP and you use the PHP outbound script from step #6 then create a file 'redirect.php' for example and place the PHP outbound script from #6 in this file. Nothing else needs to be in this file.

    Then on your landing page instead of using your affiliate link to hyperlink the text or image call-to-action use, in this example, 'redirect.php' instead.

    The scripts generated in step six are to be used as a set. If you have to regenerate the LP code (step #6) and you are also tracking outbound clicks then you will have to update the outbound code used in the 'redirect.php' file as well.

    To track sales you have to include the Prosper202 tracking pixel from step #8 on your 'Thank You' page, if you are able. You will need to be able to create your own custom 'Thank You' page or there will have to be someplace on PayDotCom for your account were you can provide a tracking pixel.

    If you don't have access to the 'Thank You' page then you will have to track the sales another way. PayDotCom support staff maybe able to help.
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