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(x) Tick / Volume bar Charts for Paid Accounts

This is a must have for every paid subscriber. Nowaday almost every respectable platform has this feature (when the data feed offers tickbytick historical data of course). That would make sens to limit this to pro and above subscription plans as the tick data aggregate requires quite some ressources.

The bigger problem remains that I love Tradingview, but I still need to have a separate plartform just for the purpose of tick-charting.

I already asked almost 3 years ago, I'm really surprised this hasn't been done since then. ProRealTime v11 is rushing back at you in the competition, you have a solid advance with your cloud based system, but don't take this as granted ! Your premium subscribers like me want high end features, and we've asked for this for long !

Hope you'll consider this message and put this required feature in the top to-do list.
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