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I’m lustful

Add a mode where scrolling out past some candle-size threshold will bump to a larger timeframe

It would be neat to add a mode, like magnet mode or "stay in drawing mode" where candles _could not_ shrink past a set width.

Sometimes I scroll out to see more history, but candles past some size just generally aren't useful.... nor are the indicators drawn at such scale (for example, ichimoku with tiny tiny tiny candles just makes the screen chaotic).

When I scroll out that far, I usually realize my transgression, then to fix the problem have to click so many buttons:

1. click a higher timeframe (sometimes I have to click two or three to find the right amount of data)
2. scroll all the way back in
3. if the view still doesn't have the information desired, go back to 1 and try again

Instead, wouldn't it be great if there was a mode where TradingView would do some of this for me? If I could scroll out, candles shrink to ant-sized candles, and then TradingView bumped me up to my next starred-timeframe, widened the candles a little bit to keep the same date-range visible, and I could rapidly scroll in/out and keep the candles within a set range of width?

I feel this would radically improve my chart-gazing experiences, and shouldn't be a doozy to implement
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