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Fully adjustable Angles and circles like Gann squares

A tool like the Gann square but fully adjustable. Also if you could make all angles and circles a full 360 not just 1 quadrant. Leave a little space at the center so all the lines don't intersect and make a big mess. ie. they stop at .1 or .05 so the center point (real data) can be seen.
The Gann squares angles and circle ratios are all preset. We need the same idea ...but where we could set our own angles or circles by RATIO or by manually moving them right on the chart. ON THE CHART would be terrific because it's easy to see where they should connect with the data. The ratios in the format section would adjust accordingly..and perhaps we could also save a master set of ratios as a template, but still experiment with new one's on the chart and not lose the originals.
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