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How To Add DeepOnion Charts on Tradingview?

Hey guys, just for clarification, I am not part of the DeepOnion's team. I am just an avid supporter & also charts addict. Kindly forgive my ignorance, but how can you add DeepOnion (Onion) charts on Tradingview? Your advance platform is such a big help for us traders to help us more to analyze the market - technical analysis.

DeepOnion has already 4 active markets. Currently at top 239 on Coinmarketcap.
I believe that they will be adding more exchanges soon. It might be huge someday & could make to top 100 soon. So more users, specially charts base experts, will come to look at Tradingview to have technical analysis for DeepOnion.

I am looking forward for your answers & I'm sure that many supporters like me, will be very happy to see DeepOnion on your platform.

Thank you so much & all best!
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