How to configure and start automated strategy trading with a broker account?

You'll stated "Strategy trading is limited to backtesting only. Automated trading is not available on TradingView yet. Thank you for understanding. "

Let me see if I understood you'll correctly.: -

I cannot run a bot strategy off TV charts whilst connected to one of your approved brokers. If my understanding is wrong PLEASE correct and enlighten me. If my understanding is correct what is the purpose of TV. Please enlighten us all in absolute detail NOW not 3,5,10 years from now. Thank you.
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  • Hi, your understanding is correct. We understand there is a demand for automated trading and we understand the overall importance. We want to make this feature perfect, because it has to be perfect, because it will trade real money. This makes it a very complicated task. Our main priority for 2018 is adding more popular brokers. We currently have no concrete plans to implement automated trading, which will be reevaluated in 2019. When a decision is made to move forward with this, I will post an update here.
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