Is it possible to copy lines from one chart in one layout to another chart in another?

I have two layouts with 4 charts each. Say I have drawn few lines in one of the symbols in one layout. Now what I want to do is to copy those lines on to the other layout in the same symbol. Is that possible?

Ideally I would love for us to have a concept of layers where one can draw lines irrespective of which layout the chart is. Say I have 5 layers. I draw trendlines in layer 1 in layout 1. I go to layout 2 and I draw horizontal lines in say layer 2. Now if I have a new layout I can draw lines in layer 3 or I can make layer 1 or layer 2 visible for me to see the lines I have drawn before for the same symbol. So the lines are attached to a symbol and reside in layers versus the current design where its local to a layout I believe.

If this is not possible please consider as an idea. Thank you for your help
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