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Keeping logged in

I have a few questions if someone is willing to help a tradingview beginner.

1. I notice that when I open tradingview (after it was closed), that the trading panel tab is empty, then a second or two later the broker name appears. Does that mean it is only connecting once I have opened tradingview, or was it always connected, just the name is not appearing for a couple of seconds?

2. Assuming I have a paid account, and I want to have tradingview running simultaneously on my home machine, as well as VPS, can I be logged into my broker at the same time? Also, do I have to refresh the VPS tradingview if I make changes on my home computer?

3. Is there an indicator or script which will allow me to automatically clone a trend line with certain parameters? For example, If I have a diagonal ray trend line, and I want to keep the bar coordinates the same (meaning same date and hour), just I want to raise the price numbers by 12 pips (forex). For example, if the first coordinated is at 1.2050, and the second is 1.2150, I would want the new cloned trend line to be at 1.2062 ,and the second at 1.2162.

4.Is there an indicator where I can see moving averages from other time frames? For example, I am on a 1hr time frame, and I want 4 SMA's from the daily frame to appear on the chart.

Thank you so much!
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