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New features (30 September 2011)

- Charts comparison feature. Now you can compare your main symbol with any other symbol, including indexes, based on % change in price. This can give you insight whether related symbols are moving similarly or whether market-wide indexes confirm price movement.
- Publishing of the real-time charts possibility. Any chart that you work with can be published so others can rate it and comment on it. A published chart can be a snapshot chart or real-time chart. Piblished real-time chart will continue to receive real-time market updates. Focus will always remain on the latest bar, so any static drawings or comments will be moved back as time goes on. Useful for sharing long-lasting predictions, showing indicators, or embedding real-time tickers into sites to show latest data for popular symbols.
- New indicators.
- New drawing tools: Gann Square, Gann Fan, Fib Retracement, Fib Time Zone.
- Twitter connection. You can now connect your Twitter account with TradingView and share charts on Twitter with one click.