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Procedures in Creating Sector Watchlist?

I like the fact that there's the preset popular list for Dow, Forex and Nasdaq stocks.
But if I want to create a new list do I need to clear one of the preset lists? I fear that I am deleting the presets and I DO want them there.

Is there a video on how to create custom lists?

I love the watchlist feature if only I can learn to start using them without deleting any of the preset Dow, Forex and Nasdaq.

1.) Incidentally, can you or I add other stock symbols within other indices, IE: S&P500, ETF, Russell...etc., that is, without having to enter one ticker symbol at a time? Can a group of symbols from an index be added by a few clicks?

2.) How many ticker symbols can EACH list accommodate before it starts to bog the speed down? Because I tried it the other day by adding about 500 ticker symbols on ONE watch list (before I signed up for PRO) and the speed grounded to a halt and had to delete 3 hours of data entry..(sucks) I needed to delete all my entry in order to recover optimal website speed again.

Please respond to my queries as soon as you can. I hope to see more features to the "PRO" subscription benefits... Keep me posted.

Good Work by the way, keep it up.
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