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Proposed Chat Room Augmentations

Solves Trollbox/Off-topic Issues:

0.) Rename the Trollbox to "Off-Topic": DONE

1.) Collate the chat feed so that a user can view as many of the separate chat rooms' live content simultaneously as they would like, interpolating them in chronological order in a single view. They could just be toggled on and off by preference.

2.) Encourage self-regulated enforcement of off-topic-ness: a user can begin a comment with "!" — (i.e. "!Aardvark.") — so that there is a way to determine if they consider what they've said to be off-topic. These messages could be automatically diverted to the "trollbox".

3.) In this way, if a user has both the Bitcoin and "Off-Topic" (Trollbox) chat view toggled-on, they would see it all as a continuous stream but, by default these comments would just go unseen by anyone in the room. Avoids the need to switch back and forth between rooms, and users can 'opt-in' for what content they see, whether both subtext and main content, or just the latter, for instance.
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