I’m Angry

Put my account back to PRO!! I did not ask for BASIC!!!!!

Hi!! Please put me back to PRO, i only asked to be degraded from PRO Plus, NOT to Basic,

I reefer to this thread!!!

And i just lost 29.95 because of the quick downgrade by some of your staff, i only asked HOW to go back to PRO from Pro Plus. Please read the questions better.

And since i only had Pro Plus for one day, before i asked you guys how to downgrade, i lost a big amount of money, and it would be really good of you to set that money as residue to the next following month for my PRO subscribtion, since TV doesn't do refunds for some strange odd reason!! :/

And one more thing, don't close the threads before the customers have a chance to answer them!!!!! I am not a happy camper right now!


Date Action Order ID Transaction Name Subscription Rate
23-09-2014 PRO Plus subscription (monthly) ordered RP0000004384 $29.95
23-09-2014 PRO subscription (monthly) cancelled RP0000002302
26-06-2014 PRO subscription (monthly) ordered RP0000002302 $14.95
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