Sync drawing to all charts does not work across different layouts

I don't know if this is designed or a bug, but even if "Sync drawing to all charts" is selected, the drawing does NOT sync to the symbol across different chart layouts. While I could see some scenarios where this would be useful, it would be better to turn syncing off for an object if one didn't want it to sync across charts. It doesn't make sense if the description is "sync drawings to all charts" if it's not syncing to all charts.

I use different layouts to give me different looks of the same symbol, and I want my drawings to be included for the symbol universally.

First chart below is AMZN with a trendline in one chart layout. Note Sync is toggled ON on the left, and it is confirmed in the right click dialog box.

Second chart is AMZN in a different chart layout, Sync is toggled ON, but there's no trendline.

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