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Tab with 4 charts "not responding" when not using actively for couple of minutes

Tab not responding in google chrome when having 4 charts on one layout and not using it for couple of minutes/hours.

Anyone has the same issue? Ive got 3 monitors.. on the left and on the right monitor ive got on each monitor 4 charts on one layout. The middle one has 2 charts.

When im not using the tab with the 4 charts actively but watch in another tab youtube, the browser does not "respond" when i switch back to the layout with the 4 charts.. it does take like 15 seconds until everything is displayed.

I mean, propably its because im using there my own indicators which are using/calculating much data.. but is someone else having those issues?

Is there any way to make that chrome tab with that 4 charts keep active so it does load the datas even when im not using it actively?

It does load faster when i press F5.. but i dont want to wait or refresh that page just because its "stuck"

Someone can help me out?
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