I’m Frustrated

Unable to log in to account or contact anyone at tradingview

I am locked out of my account.

When I enter my user name and password, I am told that one of them is invalid.

When I click the "forgot password" link, I follow the instructions and am told that my user name and/or password is invalid.

I have tried to reset my password enough times now that I am locked out of my account.

I emailed support@tradingview.com and received an automated reply instructing me to log in to my account and contact support via the tradingview support tab. This is obviously impossible without access to my account.

I cannot find any way of contacting anyone at tradingview without being logged into my account, which I am inexplicably locked out of.

Can anyone provide a way to contact someone at tradingview via email, phone, snail mail, fax, smoke signals, etc??? Any other suggestions???
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