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Watchlist Alert & Stock Screener

Are there any plans to add an alert to an entire watchlist along with the individual stocks? Also are you planning on adding a screener any time soon? You guys do such an amazing job with your charts, and I think features like these would help draw in more customers and make trading view a one stop shop.
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  • Hi, last July a stock screener with a phenomenal 100+ filters was released to all users. More information can be found here

    The initial open beta test was completed successfully. Please note the following:

    1) We are constantly improving the screener by adding more features, filters and exchanges. Keep an eye on our blog to stay informed

    2) We do not plan to develop functionality where you can create filters, based on custom codes and variables, which are not currently available in the tool. The reason for this is the enormous resources that would be required for such a task. This may change in the future, should we find a solution.

    Thanks for understanding and happy scanning!
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