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[RELEASED] scrobble only plugin for XBMC Eden

Update: the plugin is available in the official Eden add-on repository now!

I've created a new scrobble only plugin for XBMC Eden. I'm sure most of you are using trakt utilities and that is likely working just fine for you. No need to use this plugin if you have TU up and running. This new plugin is a stripped down version of TU so we can add it to the official XBMC add-on repository.

It's working quite well for me, but I'd like to have you guys beta test and see how it works for you. The baseline is TU, but I've also tweaked a few things. Pausing/resuming when watching will work properly and pick up the correct location.

A bigger update is most remote streaming content will now scrobble. If the media is correctly identified (i.e. a show has the title/season/episode and a movie has the title/year) it will scrobble as a name based match on trakt.

Further instructions on the github page. Please let me know how it works in your setup. Thanks!