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When signed in to the trakt website, the home page becomes your dashboard. Previously this page was a little stale and always had the same message up top, a quick view of your recommendations, and a basic idea of what your friends are watching.

The dashboard has been revamped with better functionality and better visuals. This page will most certainly evolve, but we wanted to release the updates we have in place so far.

The first thing you'll notice is a new welcome area. This is useful for new members so they can see in more detail what their next steps should be for setting up and using trakt. You can dismiss this message in the top right to remove it from your home page. Existing members will see it, but just dismiss it since you already know all that stuff :)

The next section is calendar view for what is on tonight. This will contain the same info as the calendar page for tonight but its more convenient to have it on the home page plus the design looks cool :)

The biggest addition to the dashboard is definitely the realtime friends feed. This is a fully featured section so you can keep tabs on everything your friends have been doing. Not only does this include what they are watching, but it also includes what they've recently watched, rated, collected, added to their watchlist, added to a custom list, and shouted on.

You can filter this list exactly how you want it. By default it's going to show 5 recent items for all friends and all actions. You can refined this to show activity for only one friend (or even yourself). You can choose a specific action (i.e. just show me what my friends have recently rated). The number of results can be changed to 5, 10, 20, or 30. Another cool feature is the realtime toggle. If on, this list will auto refresh once your friends have performed new actions. This feature will give a pretty sweet idea of what your friends are up to at this very moment.

The last update is to your settings. We gave the ability to remove any of these new sections. So if you don't care about the calendar on your dashboard, just hide it in your settings.

We hope you enjoy the update and as I mentioned, we plan to tweak this page with updates to these sections and entirely new sections. For instance, we'll add the recommendations back and give a setting to hide it if you want.

If you have any ideas for new dashboard sections, feel free to post them here or start a new topic. Enjoy :)
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Posted 5 years ago

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Thanks, great news. I love trakt.
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OMG, amazing. A-mazing.

I just wonder: if show starts at 1:30, will it appear on 'tonight' too?

And again: congrats, this looks awesome.
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Yes, it's actually anything on the entire day.
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Really do love the new look, although for my time zone +10 (AEST) its actually showing tomorrows shows, not just converting the time.
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