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I already mentioned news items as an idea as part of my previous ideas, but i thought it would be better to elaborate on that a little further.

I saw this on one of my private trackers, and it works really well there. The idea is to give users the ability to post news items about their favorite movies and tv shows on trakt. The news items could consist of a few things:

*Tags: This way the news item can be linked to a certain actor, tv studio, movie or tv show. Or if appropriate to a few things at the same time if they are somehow linked. For example Breaking Bad: Bryan Cranston, AMC, drug war, mexico cartel

*Advanced editor: For news items to work this is a must. A lot of these news items link to specific tv shows, movies or actors. It would be nice if you could go with one link to those items within trakt. And you could do nice things with formatting if the opportunity is given. Also for the best accurate news it would be a good idea to make it a requirement to link the source of the news.

*Images and video: It would be very helpful if YouTube video's could be shown within trakt like it is right now with trailers. And if images could be uploaded to trakt. They can at times be helpful to explain a certain news item, a picture says after all more than a thousand words ;)

*Separate searchbox: To distinguish news items from movies, tv shows and actors it would be helpful if there was a seperate searchbox where we can search on all the news items.

*Tag cloud: This way people can find all news items of a certain subject like cancellation, renewals and spoilers under the same page.

*Statistics: This is not really necessarily, but seeing as this is a statistics website it would be kind of fun to see who posted the most news items. It could also be an incentive for people to keep posting news items to get a higher place in the rankings. What you could also do is show witch news items have been read the most by users, and witch tags are most often used.

Here are a few screenshots of what news items look like on my most favorite private tracker:

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Posted 5 years ago

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exelent ideia!
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I don't know, maybe something in the style of IMDB related news can be implemented but as a community driven news-system I doubt that would work. this isn't a torrent tracker so the news that you would see would have to be written well and more than just a copy+paste without the source to go with..

with the example of matthew perry; his personal imdb-page and also his last show mr. sunshine has the news (from various sources) but no mention on the friends page.. so I don't know if that would work...
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Forgot to add one thing to my feature request: The ability to add a comment to a news item. I am sure that some people would like to say what their thoughts are on a certain news item.

@in.spitfire: an IMDB news style might be harder to implement than my idea. I am not sure about this, but i think IMDB uses a search spider on thousands of special selected websites to search for news related to a particular movie, tv show or actor. After they found a new news item they copy the text and use an algorithm to pick out keywords like for example Matthew Perry and attach the news to the correct item(s) on IMDB. Something like that requires a lot of calculating power, since there are literally millions of people, tv shows and movies on IMDB (and trakt). For IMDB that is not really a problem since they can afford it, but for trakt it could be.

Also IMDB does not guarantee the accuracy of the news items. Nor do they take any responsibility for the content. Basically if one of the sites IMDB gets his news from said Mel Gibson was killed by a flock of Jews (family guy joke ;) IMDB would copy it to Mel Gibson his page.