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Revamped watched history page (big update for manual users!)

This update has been requested by lots of trakt members and we're happy to announce a revamp of the watched history and the recently watched items on your user profile!

The biggest change is both of these areas now include manually marked seen items in addition to scrobbles. Previously it would only show scrobbled items. If you are a manual user or sync via your media center, this update makes your history page much more complete and usable.

Let's start with a screenshot of what the updated user profile looks like. This user manually tracks what they watch and you can now see recent episodes and movies.

For comparison, here is what the same profile looked like before this update was made. Notice it doesn't have the recent episodes or movies bars.

The history page itself has also been redone from scratch to offer much greater control. As mentioned, the history will include scrobbles and seen items now. You can toggle scrobbles or seen if you only want to see a certain type.

Another big change is you can now see All items, that will display episodes and movies on the same page. Previously you had to look at episodes or movies separately. Now you can get a much clearer picture of exactly when you watch what. TV shows and movies are still available too if you want to see only a certain type.

The default view for your history is now by page. This creates a more concise list from the get go and allows you to jump to any page in the results.

Another thing you'll notice in the next screenshot is how it groups multiple seen episodes. I added an entire season of American Dad as seen, so rather than show 7 episodes it grouped them together since the timestamp was the same. This keeps the page cleaner.

You can of course still view the page by month if you would like. Just choose by month in the dropdown and navigate to the month you want.

If you are signed into the website and view your own watched history, hover over any item to delete it. You can remove scrobbles (you could do this before) and now seen items as well. If you delete a group of episodes, it will remove all episodes. This is helpful if you accidentally added a ful show as seen.

This update should be a nice update for all members and especially those who manually track what they are watching. Let us know what you think!