Scrobble events like UEFA 2012 or Olympics 2012 to Trakt

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What would be cool feature to have is if it is possible to add custom items that can be scrobbled but are not in the database from both TMDB or TVDB to trakt.

A perfect example of that is the UEFA 2012 Cup. There are numerous ways of seeing those games on the internet, with certain torrent trackers it is possible to download the games afterwards. And there are literally dozens of ways to see the games through a live streaming video. How cool would it be if those games with a simple check-in or scrobble could be recorded into Trakt as watched?

Another example is the E3 2012 from 2 weeks ago. I watched many of the important conferences through a live feed from YouTube. Is it possible to import the live feed from YouTube into Trakt and show those in a special list made for an event?

You could have a special wiki-style list or special pages where for example moderators can monitor the events and make updates. And for example provide links or directly show the live video on trakt from websites where it is possible to watch the live videos directly over the internet. People can than when the game or event has started use check-in to say that they are watching that item. And afterwards they will have the ability to collect the item and use scrobble or check-in to watch the item again.
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To avoid having dozens maybe even hundreds of user created events that are all from the same event i think its better to have official events that can be created by users who have special clearance for that. That way people can find these events more easily and can have easy access to all the necessary information.

People could for instance report a new event to users who have clearance to add those events to Trakt, and once they approve the event they could make an official event page.
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This is one of the things I miss about using GetGlue, and even they don't handle it the way I would like. It's an area I'd like Trakt to handle, but like you said, I think it's very important that a set of moderators, with specific guidelines, handle these.

Perhaps the best way is to start with team sports, and then venture down other areas once we're sure that can be handled right. Initially I think it would be simpler to rely on Check-Ins (maybe with ability to say if you're watching in-person, or on TV, and if so what network is providing the coverage), and use shouts if people want to share links to streaming content.

To start, if we were to find a moderator for a set number of leagues (no need to try and do everything at once), and ensure each game is entered into a database. For teams sports (MLB, NHL, UEFA tournament) it would nice to have the TV logo (as is seem for episode pages now) feature the two logos for the teams. Visitors vs. Home team.

The Olympics could be a trail for this, but we'd have to make sure any moderator was following an official schedule (, and since it's an ever changing event, as playoff participants aren't included yet, it would need active updating throughout the Olympics.
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Considering that it would require quite a lot of new features i doubt that anything will ready for the 2012 Olympics even if it is just a trail or beta version. Here is a list of features that i think would be needed but currently are not in the Trakt system:

User classes: High level moderators who can make the events and update them and normal users.

Message system: It is essential for this to work that there is some kind of message system so moderators can discuss certain things without everyone seeing it, or from normal users to moderators for when they have questions or have information they want to see added to the events page.

Wiki-style page where events can be displayed: Not every event is the same and they can have a very different kind of set of important information. For example with sports you can show the score after a game or show the set-up of a team that the coach has chosen. With a live streamed conference like the E3 you can show after the conference is over what the highlights of the conference were. Since it would be very difficult to create a different layout for every type of event it would be best if there is some kind of wiki-style page where moderators can change information that is important to the event.

Off course for events that are pretty much the same, and happen a lot (like soccer games, or tennis matches) there could be a layout template so that moderators don't have to build a event page from scratch, but simply have to fill in the required information and the event would be good to go.

Statistics linked to events: In order for the most popular events to stay on top for as long as they are happening, statistics about the events are needed. I am not sure exactly how that should go, it's difficult to rate a match between two sides, i mean with sports the loosing side will always give a lower point than the winning side. And with other kinds of events it might not be possible at all to rate the event.

Maybe it would be better to give users before the event starts the opportunity to say if they are gonna watch the event or not. something like a pre-scrobble, so that the systems knows beforehand what events will be popular when they are going live. A pre-scrobble would that way be used to calculate the popularity of a certain event. It could also act as an reminder for people who want to watch that certain event that they signed up for it and that for example it is gonna start in 5 minutes. It could for instance be put into the API so that different apps can create notification systems so for example that everyone who has the app and set a pre-scrobble for EUFA 2012 gets an notification that the final match of the EUFA 2012 between Germany and Spain ( ;-) ) is gonna start in 5 minutes.

Edit: I see now that i went a little overboard, a beta version would not require all these features that i just listed here. In beta version a very basic user class, wiki-style events page and message system would be enough to get it all off the ground and working.