I’m happy

Show/Movie summaries + fanart = EPIC

Just pushed a nice update to the show summary page for an early Christmas present. First thing you'll notice is the fanart is now full width and really makes the page pop. The fanart will resize depending on the browser width so small or large resolutions both look sweet.

Some other enhancements include the stats boxes with the raw numbers for scrobbles, checkins (stay tuned), unique watchers, and collected. Hover over them to get the exact numbers. Another cool section is your watched and collected progress. This gives you a quick snapshot of where you're at for a show without the need to go to your progress page. If you haven't watched/collected or have the show hidden or aren't signed in, this part won't show up.

If you click the Actors button, the cast photos will slide up into view. The character photos will start syncing tonight so you might see a normal headshot in the meantime until the show is refreshed.

UPDATE 12/29: Movie summary pages have been updated with this new look as well. In addition to actors, it also includes crew (directors, writers, producers). You can scroll long descriptions and the actors with your mouse/trackpad. If you're on a touch device, just scroll with your finger.