I’m excited

Track your TV Show progress!

Just released a killer new feature tonight we think you're all going to love! Track your progress across all shows that you are watching. This gives a great overview of how far along you are watching your favorite shows.

Sign into the site then click TV Show Progress under your user menu in the top right. You'll see a page that looks like this:

The default view (by activity) breaks up your shows into groups based on the time you last watched them. Each show tells you the overall completion percentage you are at. It tells you how many aired episodes there are for that show, how many you've watched, and how many are left to watch. On the right side, it has the next unwatched episode for that show.

You can also sort this page by completed shows (highest % first) and by show title. You can also hide any completed (100% watched) shows to focus only on the things you need to get caught up on.

To really dive into the stats, expand the season progress to get a percentage breakdown on a per season level. Quickly mark a season as watched if you need to.

And what about those shows you watched one episode of but it sucked (looking at you $#*! My Dad Says) and you don't want to look at its progress anymore? Simply hover over the show and click the x to remove it from the progress page.

Thanks for all the beta testers and feedback sent in for this new feature! It turned out pretty sweet, we hope you all enjoy it!